Study Setup – Study Team and Roles

Understanding how Access Roles work is important for the privacy of your participants. Access roles are defined for each individual study in Study Setting > Roles. Currently, Ripple provides 3 levels of access: Admin, Leader, and RA.

Admin: Any user with Admin role will have access to all study features including the Study Setting dashboard. Give Admin access to anyone that you trust managing the settings of the study.

Leader: Users with Leader role will be able to have access to all study features except for the Study Setting dashboard. Leaders are lab coordinators or RAs who need to have access to identifying information of the participants. So this role is usually reserved for staff or students who are actively working on the management of the participants, such as by doing scheduling, auditing, assigning tasks, etc.

RA: Finally users with RA role can only access the Ripple Dashboard (coming soon), Tasks, & Recruitment Dashboard (coming soon). They do not have access to Potential and Enrolled Participants and do not have access to any identifying information of the participants. For example, they can be assigned a participant-related task, but this task will only display the participant ID number and not their name. All members of a research team who are not required to have access to the participant’s personal information should be assigned this access role.