Study Setup – Events

If you track participants across various events, such as study waves or appointments, you will love Ripple Events! Here you can create specific events and relating the timing of specific events to other events. For example, you may have an “Intake” event and a “3-month follow-up” event. By setting the follow-up event to be 3 months after the intake, Ripple will calculate the date of the follow up event automatically and will send you reminders for when it is time to schedule the follow up.

However, Events are not only for tracking appointments. You can use events to track any benchmarks in the lifecycle of your participants that you would like to track, such as whether specific forms have been completed, or specific data has been processed. The possibilities are endless.


The events then show up in the Enrolled Participants Dashboard. A Next Appointment column shows you the expected date of the next appointment in a color-coded fashion. Orange refers to expected appointments, Blue to scheduled appointments, and Black to completed appointments. Any appointments that are past due (expected or scheduled date has past and not updated) will show up as Red.