Study Setup – Bulk Tasks

With bulk tasks you will be able to create groups of common tasks that always occur together so you don’t have to enter each task manually. Simply create a bulk with a specific name and add tasks to the bulk. Anywhere you see “Add a Task” you will have an option to select a bulk from the list of all tasks created.

You can also link bulk tasks to specific event triggers. For example, let’s say every time a participant is scheduled for an intake you have 5 tasks that need to be completed by your team, such as book a room, prepare the intake folders, etc. You can create a bulk task called “Intake –Scheduled Tasks” that includes the 5 tasks. You can then manually call the bulk task every time you schedule an intake.  You can link this bulk to “Event: Intake” and “Event Status: Scheduled”, so every time a participant intake is scheduled, the 5 tasks will be created automatically!  We are not kidding!