Potential Participants Tracking

Here is where you will track all potential participants before they are formally enrolled in your study. For example, you can add the names of people who contact you via email or phone expressing interest in your study. You can also add people from existing registries, including previous participants who will be invited to your new study.

The participants are divided based on the statuses that you created in the Study Settings (see Study-Setup – Statuses). We use the statuses to move participants through the flow of the recruitment process, from “To Contact” to “Scheduled”. You can move participants between categories by simply dragging the participant, or by clicking the box next to the participant and the selecting the desired bulk action.

Then you can use the participant detail window to keep track of all communications between your team and the potential participant, create participant-specific tasks, and manage the scheduling of events.


To move a participant from Potential to Enrolled, simply click on the signed consent form box in the participant window and click on “move to Enrolled Participants”