How to Export Participants

The Export participant tool is located inside the Site Admin dashboard. Only Site Administrators have access to the Import and Export tools.


To import participants we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. Select the study data that you would like to export. Currently, you can export only study-specific data as well as all any applicable global data (names, DOB, global custom variables used in the study. etc). Soon we will expand this tool to allow you to export global data only and to select specific variables for export.

2. Select your time zone. Select the time zone where you are located. If you are uploading data for a remote team, select the time zone for the coordinating site. This helps the dates be converted accurately.

3. Click Export. Upon export, the file in CSV format will be saved to your download folder. The file will be in wide format (one row per participant). The file will include the participant GlobalID, which will allow you to match and merge participants across multiple studies.