Enrolled Participant Tracking

Use this dashboard to manage all your enrolled participants. The dashboard provides you a global view of all participants and their progress through the study events. A next appointment column provides you the date of the expected or scheduled appointment for each participant. The appointment dates are color coded for quick reference but you can also put the cursor over the date and it will tell you the status of the appointment.

  • Orange = Expected (Automatically calculated by Ripple)
  • Blue = Scheduled (Manually scheduled)
  • Red = Overdue (expected or scheduled for a time in the past)
  • Black = completed

By checking an event box the event will be marked as completed and the time of the next appointment, if any, will be calculated based on the Events you created in the Study Settings.


Ripple sets the completed date to the date you check the box, which is not always correct such as when you are updating events that were completed in the past. However, you can edit the dates and times of all events and all participant detail information by clicking anywhere on the participant row and opening the participant detail window.