ACRP TechXpo Webinar: A Two-Step Approach to Improving Patient Recruitment

Is it more effective to utilize a distributed or a centralized recruiting model? As more researchers consider centralized recruitment, join us to learn how Ora Inc. capitalized on this model by replacing their 12-year old homegrown database with Ripple. In addition to streamlining their recruitment process with Ripple, Ora continues to save time, reduce errors, and decrease the workload for their team members. A wide variety of topics will be covered, including:

Understanding the benefits of a centralized recruiting model
Learning the value of using a tool built for streamlining recruitment, tracking, and retention of participants.

Speakers include:

Roderick Walker, Senior Director, Head of Patient and Site Solutions, Ora, Inc.
Allie Frawley, Manager, Patient Recruiting, Ora, Inc.
Sarah Raux, Director of Product Management, Ripple Science

This techXpo session is sponsored by Ripple Science, in conjunction with ACRP 2020. To watch the webinar replay, follow the link below and click “add to cart.”

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Ripple Webinar: How BrainsCAN Uses a Customer Service Approach for Research Participant Retention

Patient-centric is not only a term used among clinical researchers, it’s a methodology that many researchers strive to create. In less than a year, Western University’s BrainsCAN established a research participant management approach that can be defined by their impressive retention and re-enrollment statistics. Join BrainsCAN’s Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D., Community Research Coordinator and Ysabel Macdonald, Ph.D., Clinical Research Coordinator, as they share their journey of creating
OurBrainsCAN: Western University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Research Registry.

Highlights include:

-Before the journey began
-Creating a participant-centric goal
-Challenges with home-grown
-Making it really easy for participants
-Collaborating across labs and departments
-Ethics and compliance made easier

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Ripple Webinar: A Unique Approach to Patient Recruitment and Retention for Sites

With seamless connectivity and an easy to implement system, Ripple’s centralized platform empowers smart decision-making that accelerates the research lifecycle from day one. More efficient project management means a more efficient path to results, and it all starts with Ripple. Join us for an overview with Ripple Science’s Director of Customer Success, Savanna Mueller, Ph.D. We’ll provide highlights and benefits that other organizations like yours have experienced, including:

-Accelerating your first patient in

-Streamlining your path to recruitment results

-Building a registry for the next study recruitment

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Best Practices & Integrations for Research Study Teams with Angela Lyden, University of Michigan’s Office of Research

Angela Lyden is the University of Michigan’s Senior Research Area Specialist at the Office of Research within the University of Michigan Medical School. We discuss Angela’s 20+ years of experience managing behavioral trials along with her insights into study team best practices and managing data and participant information.

Ripple Science’s President & CEO Peter Falzon Interview with Dan Sfera, The Clinical Trials Guru Podcast

Ripple Science CEO, Peter Falzon discusses his background as CEO at medical device companies before transitioning to Ripple Science, garnering over $2.5 million in seed funding to jumpstart the startup. Dan and Peter also discuss industry trends and how Ripple is uniquely positioned to help study teams continue their research through the COVID-19 era.

Ripple Webinar: New Customization and Integration Features

Featuring special guest Michaela Riley, Research Project Manager at Northwestern University’s Mesalum Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease. Product Manager Sarah Raux and Director of Marketing Amanda Holdan-Sinisi walk you through Ripple’s latest updates.

Topics include:
-Outlook/Google Calendar Integration review
-Contact Methods (redesign)
-Archiving Studies
-Improved Date Calculations

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Ripplecast Episode 1 – COVID-19 Transitions; On Teamwork and Data Security

Taylor Napier, a doctoral student at the University of Memphis joins us for our first full-length episode. We discuss Taylor’s research, juggling multiple projects during COVID-19 and the challenges of transitioning to remote work.

From EMR to Ripple – Georgetown University – Dr. Chiranjeev Dash

Ripplecast is a quarterly podcast series dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities within the sphere of clinical research.

On this episode, Dr. Chiranjeev Dash, Georgetown University, describes why his team made the switch to Ripple from their previous EMR.

Ripple Webinar: New Customization and Integration Features

In this webinar, Ripple’s Product Manager, Sarah Raux, walks you through several new features to optimize your workflow and connection to your participants including custom email templates and more!

Topics include:

-Flexible Event Scheduling

-Custom Email Templates

-Assigning events to statuses

-Google Calendar Recap/Outlook calendar integration

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Ripple Webinar: Continuing your Research Remotely: Tools and practices to accelerate your productivity.

In this webinar, Ripple’s Savanna Mueller, Director of Customer Success and Janine Lopez, Research Project Coordinator at the University of California San Diego, will share their knowledge and experiences to help research teams transition effectively to ” everything remotely.”

Topics include:
-general tips for navigating research remotely
-challenges/transitions of going “remote”
-helping patients assimilate to new technologies
-helpful Ripple features that assist with remote recruitment

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