How to Import Participants

The import participant tool is located inside the Integrations tab of each study settings.


To import participants we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. Download the Data Dictionary CVS file. This file has all the information for variables that can be uploaded and, most importantly, the format of the variables and the correct options for all categorical variables. You will use this dictionary as guide to make sure you enter all data correctly in the import file. Pay close attention to the expected format of these variables including letter case. The import tool will give you an error if you use the wrong format.

2. Download the Pre-Formatted CSV file. This is the file that you will use to upload the participants into the database. Use one row for each participant and make sure that the content of each column/variable is in line with the specifications provided in the Data Dictionary file. Some variables are required including Firstname, Lastname, Status

3. Save and upload the Pre-Formatted CSV file. If the system encounters any errors due to incorrect data format or incorrect data for categorical variables (e.g., writing Boy instead of Male in the gender variable) the data will not import and Ripple will give you a statement regarding the error.

4. Once the database is error free Ripple will show you a copy of the database that was uploaded and will ask you to confirm the upload. After confirming your data should be uploaded.

WARNING: The import may take a few minutes after clicking on Upload. If you click upload again the tool will import duplicates.


  • If you are adding participants to a new study, do the data import after setting up the study so that all the custom variables are included in the upload database.
  • Currently, the import tool does NOT check against existing duplicates (We are working on this feature). So if you add data for a participant that already exists, it will create a duplicate of that participant.
  • Do a test with one or two participants to make sure your data format is correct before creating a full data import file.